The University of Maribor together with partner universities have decided to deepen their partnerships and network among each other, in order to provide their MA and PhD students with an important tool for their future careers: solution design. 

Solution design is a method, which evolved from the many experiences of professors at various universities, and has been carefully structured by the University of Maribor. It is based on the concepts of »learning by doing«, »project based learning«, »problem based learning«, »design thinking« and other similar or relevant approaches. 

1. To learn the process of Solution design through a real, complex problem.
2. To learn to work in interdisciplinary teams.
3. To learn to use various tools and methods for problem analysis and solution design.
4. To better understand waste and their values.

The outputs of the summer school will be the products of the students and their teams, a deeper partnership connection between the project partners and in the longer term, modules of the future study programme of Solution design will be developed.