Lecturers (in alphabetic order)

Ankica BABIČ (medical informatics) Prof. @University of Bergen
Claire COUTRIS (environmental sciences) Researcher @ Bioforsk
Jure FIŠER (waste management) CEO @Surovina company
Uroš LOBNIK (architecture) Prof. @University of Maribor
Andrej NATERER (sociologist) Assist. Prof. @ University of Maribor
Danijel REBOLJ (solution design) Prof. @University of Maribor
Stefán B. SIGURÐSSON (medicine) Prof. @University of Akureyri
Zoran STIPERSKI (regional development) Prof. @University of Zagreb
Andrej ŠORGO (Environmental education, biology) Prof. @University of Maribor


Ankica BABIČ

Danijel REBOLJ

Ankica Babič
Associate Professor of Medical informatics at the Department of information science and media studies, University of Bergen

Claire Coutris
Researcher at Bioforsk, the Norwegian institute for agricultural and environmental research. She holds a PhD in ecotoxicology and environmental chemistry from the Norwegian university of life sciences. Her research activities focus mainly on the fate and hazard assessment of engineered nanomaterials in the environment.

Tina Cupar
Teaching Assistant and a PhD student at the Department of Sociology, Faculty of Arts, University of Maribor, and a researcher at the Center for the Study of Post-Socialist Societies (CePSS). Her research focuses primarily on education and employability, youth, and quantitative research methods. She has participated in several projects, mostly in the field of youth research and youth work.

Jure Fišer
Economist, CEO of Surovina company with 330 employees and located in Maribor. Surovina is specialized in (material) waste recycling and is a member of Gorenje - ecology group.

Uroš Lobnik 
Architect, urban planner and architectural theoretician. From 1996 to 2000, he was the leading Project Manager of the Maribor Urban Master Plan. Since 2007, he has been assistant Professor in Architecture and Spatial Planning, Head of the Chair for Spatial Planning, Head of the newly established Master program of Architecture at the Faculty of Civil Engineering, since 2011, University Architect at the University of Maribor and since 2012 Head of the Department of Architecture at the Faculty of Civil Engineering. He is a member of editorial boards of several national and international urban design and architectural journals. He received a number of national and international architectural and urban design awards (Plečnik′s medal, Golden Pencil, European award in urban design).

Andrej Naterer
assitant professor at the Department of Sociology, Faculty of Arts, University of Maribor. He studied sociology and philosophy at University of Maribor and holds PhD degree in anthropology from University of Ljubljana. His research interests range from youth, deviance and delinquency to youth work and qualitative research methods. He did extensive field work among street children in Ukraine (between 2000 and 2012), India (2003) and Zambia (2014) and published several scientific articles, anthropological monograph and documentary film on the topic of street children. In 2014 he received Miklošič award for scientific excellence.

Danijel Rebolj
Professor of Construction and Transportation Informatics at University of Maribor. In 2009 visiting professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering at Stanford University. Initiator of the international IT in Construction euromaster program. Research interests involve issues on system integration, product and process modeling, automated building, mobile and ubiquitous computing, web based collaboration, virtual design and construction as well as other high potential IT for Architecture, Engineering and Construction. Since 5.5.2011 rector of the University of Maribor.

Stefán B. Sigurðsson
Professor at Faculty of Health Sciences University of Akureyri. Holds a PhD in in Medical Physiology from the Medical faculty, University of Lund, Sweden. Moved to Iceland 1982 where his main research work has been on vascular and airway smooth muscle. Other research areas are Malignant hyperthermia (MH), which is a defect in the response of skeletal muscle to certain kind of anaesthetics. Epidemiological research on risk factors in cardiovascular diseases in Iceland and Manitoba Canada. Research on physical training in in patients with chronic heart failure or chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. Research on physical fitness and injuries in sport.

Zoran Stiperski 
is a professor at the Zagreb School of Economics and Management and at the Faculty of Science of the University of Zagreb. He has been teaching at the Zagreb School of Economics and Management since 2002, where he is also the Chair of ZSEM’s Japanese Center. He has also organized several study trips around the globe for ZSEM students. During his extensive scientific work, he wrote approximately fifty works in the field of economic and social geography and many papers, textbooks, studies, books and public lectures. 

Andrej Šorgo 
is an associate professor of biology didactics and chair of Department of Biology at the Faculty of Natural Sciences and Mathematics, University of Maribor. He got his PhD degree in Biology from University of Ljubljana. He has diverse interests in research on science and environmental education, and public acceptance of technologies as socio-scientific issues. He has published a series of research articles in these fields. He has over 20 years of experience as secondary school teacher and is recently a university teacher of Evolution, Biology didactics and Environmental education.